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Design Pickle, A Design Studio Based In Scottsdale, Has Raised $25 Million In Growth Financing

Design Pickle, a Scottsdale-based visual design studio and digital platform that has been bootstrapping since its founding in 2015, said Monday that it has raised $25 million from Colorado River Partners.

Using Design Pickle, clients can get access to an unlimited number of graphic design services on a monthly subscription basis. Customers can get help with everything from logo design to social media posts to graphics and presentations. The company has 500 creatives working for them all over the world.

In an interview with The New York Times, Design Pickle’s CEO and founder, Russ Perry, described his staff as a subscription workforce that generates creative stuff for clients who have an ongoing demand for it.

In an interview with AZInno, Perry stated that “our goal has consistently outrun our resources” for the past seven years. “In the case of motion graphics, this was something we debuted just last year. Because of the constraints, it took us approximately two years to complete the project. Our ability to provide new services and features, as well as to deliver what clients want and need on a day-to-day basis, appears to have increased significantly in recent years.”

As part of the financing effort, Colorado River Partners’ Brian Sharples and William Kuntz will join the Design Pickle board of directors, which will result in a minority ownership stake in the company. Sharples was a co-founder of the Austin, Texas-based startup Homeaway in his prior life.

Design Pickle is a cross between a software company and a service company. It is not a marketplace for creative talent, nor a traditional design agency, but rather a hybrid that incorporates elements of both and reimagines them in order to better serve customers that need consistent, high-quality results.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many activities were forced online, and despite some difficulties, Perry claims that Design Pickle has seen a significant increase in customer growth in the previous two years.

“Content is being increasingly digitized, and experiences are being pushed to the internet,” said he further. People need to update their communications, the way they message online, and their brand. “We can help with all of the stuff you see because there are so many things people need to do to update their communications.”

In total, Design Pickle now employs approximately 60 individuals in the United States and 500 dedicated contractors throughout the world, with its two primary locations in the Philippines and Mexico. The company expects to hire approximately 45 additional employees as a result of the new funding, with approximately half of them based in Arizona.

Design Pickle has been a remote-first company since its inception, which proved to be a valuable asset throughout the pandemic outbreak. According to Perry, the way people work is changing, and his organization is able to hire the best individuals for the job regardless of where they live because it embraces remote work. “The way people work is changing,” says Perry.

“The global nature of work is here to stay, and the remote nature of labor is here to stay,” he asserted. To be at the forefront of that wave has been a tremendous blessing,” says the author.

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