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The Farmstead at Delta Ridge is a pet-friendly apartment community in Coburg, OR




1367 Umpqua Ave
Eugene OR 97408
United States




The Farmstead at Delta Ridge is a perfect blend of farmhouse-inspired living with modern luxury. Make yourself at home in our one-, two-, or three-bedroom apartment homes, or select a cottage unit with a private backyard to better suit your lifestyle. Our residences feature lavish finishes such as high ceilings, expansive windows, spacious closets, and large kitchen islands. The Farmstead is situated in a coveted Eugene neighborhood where walking and biking paths abounds, within minutes of downtown and local employers, and with easy access to Interstate 5 and Route 569, making for a convenient commute to nearby Springfield, Cottage Grove, and Junction City. We can't wait for you to experience all the comforts of home with a luxurious twist at The Farmstead.


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